Tuesday, 1 March 2011



The final of the Greene King cup played each year by teams in the Rutland Petanque league took place on Thursday 9th September 2010 at the Crown Inn Tinwell near Stamford.  The cup was won by the Chimera team four legs to one over the White Horse Hunters of Morcott.  Three players from Little Oakley, Barry Bright. David Bailey. Dave Ormshaw. All played for the Hunters, but to no avail Chimera were a far better all round team and on top form, still to come runners up in a competition between 60 league clubs is not a bad effort. 
The biggest chear of the night came right at the end of the match with the opposition on twelve points my doubles partner David Bailey had to carreau the on boule at a full 9 metres with our very last boule to stay in the match, great shooting David!.
But all to no avail, for up stepped Tony Moulding to play a superb high point stopping two inches from the cochonnet, game over, good bye.
The Hunters team would like to thank the Chimera team for making it a friendly and enjoyable final, and maybe if Little Oakley could enter the Rutland and district league with our village team we would do very well, but sadly the village is just one and a half miles outside the league boundry.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

I joined the Petanque Club

I joined Little Oakley petanque club and look what happened to me

Monday, 4 October 2010


The return game against Sondes Rockingham was played on Tuesday the 28th September 2010 on the match piste at Little Oakley, it was a perfect Autumn evening for playing petanque warm and dry with no wind. Oakley got of to a good start and home advantage helped us to quickly win the first two legs, after the change over the sondes pointers got to grips with the terain and the last legs were very evenly fought, nip and tuck all the way, with the Oakley team eventually winning the match 3-1 49 points for 28 against. Two new players for the Oakley club Alan Bright and Paul Rowlett made their debut for the team with very creditable performances. After the match we all got together for supper, many thanks to Diane for the Catering, and to jill who only came along to watch the game and ended up helping serve and cleaning up afterwards. The club will try to arrange home and away friendlies with Iris Scullion's Sondes team in 2011.
Oakley team. Barry Bright. Alan Bright. Ian Mabin. Kerry Palfrey. Paul Rowlett. Dave Ormshaw.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


This years Little oakley village open petanque doubles competition played on Sunday 6th June 2010 was the best attended so far, with forty four teams competing. We have now reached the maximum for the number of pistes at present available to us in the village . This meant that we unfortunately had to refuse some last minute bookings. As in previous years we will send out priority booking forms on the 1st April 2011 to all teams that competed in this years competition, with entrance available to other teams from 1st May 2011.

The weather on the day was not kind to us, this year starting with light rain at the semi final stage and turning into a deluge just before the proposed start of the grand final . We then decided to share the 1st and 2nd prizes between the finalists. I am now in the process of trying to organise a play off over three legs between Tony Moulding + Eileen Riddington versus Steve Collins + Ian Binley one Saturday afternoon on the match piste and finishing with a fish and chip supper.

TOP FOUR RESULTS. 5wins + 51 points Tony Moulding + Eileen Riddington 5 wins + 36 points Steve Collins + Ian Binley 5 wins + 36 points Sue Lawrence + Jane Herrick 5 wins + 34 points Richard Smith + Pat Summers.

For information on the village open doubles competition telephone 01536 745013.



Saturday, 17 July 2010


A closed petanque competition restricted to club members and their invited guests was held on Saturday 25th April 2010. Five games were played, starting at 10.00am and finishing just after 4.00pm with an hours break for lunch .
The playing combinations of doubles and triples ensure that a player never plays with the same partner more than once and will never play against the same combination of contestants . However , it is possible that a player will play against another player more than once .This was petanque played for fun and was a good social pick and mix.
The day was won by Ian Mabin with five wins and the highest points difference,Barry Bright and Phil Day shared second place with John Vale in third. The weather was kind to us,and the twenty two competitors enjoyed a pleasant day out.


Thursday, 15 April 2010


On Tuesday 13th April 2010 The Owls visited the Sonders Arms at Rockingham to play a friendly match against Iris Scullions newly reformed petanque team. It was a closely fought match with both teams introducing novice players.The new surface on the piste was quite difficult for the newcommers, but as the game progressed they began to master it,and played some very creditable boule. The Sonders won 3-1 points Owls 44.Sonders 43. Afters the games the landlord Leigh Maund provided a very nice supper for the teams, a perfect way to end the evening especially with excellent pint of real ale.

TEAMS. OWLS. Kerry Palfrey. Jimmy Runcie. Alan Bright. Jane Lee. Ian Mabin. Dave Ormshaw. SONDERS. Iris Scullion. Debbie Mc Cardie. Wendy O'Brian. Brian Pearse. Leigh Maund. Peter Vine.

Barry. 15th April 2010.

Thursday, 8 April 2010


On Tuesday 6th April 2010 the village petanque players travelled to Tinwell to play a friendly match against a very good Rutland Div. 1 team. I think Christian Grossel and his merry men are a hot tip this season to win division one and gain promotion to the premier league. After some hard fought legs we went down 3--1 34 points for,39 against. Its always a pleasure to play against a happy team that play the game just for the fun of it even though they are very professional in their approach. After the match we were treated to a ham egg and chips supper,a really good night out . Thanks to all those taking part and to the landlord of the pub for the evening .

OAKLEY PETANQUE. Barry Bright. David Bailey. Jimmy Runcie. Kerry Palfrey. Ian Mabin. Dave Ormshaw.

CROWN TINWELL. Christian Gossel. Richard Bains. Pete Bell. Steve Marshal. John Marshal.Phil Moody.

BARRY. 8th April 2010